Stage 68: The Blade of Duel

Well, we technically caught up with this since stage 69 just came out two days ago and it should arrive by next week.

If you want to discuss the chapter, join our random banter, or just know what the boss is up to instead of scanlating more ND, you can join our discord server! Also, if you want to show your support to buy the mags, you can do so via our ko-fi link or by joining our patreon! Every little helps ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, enjoy the chapter!

Stage 68โ˜…The Blade of Duel

Stage 67: Wish Upon a Comet

Well, there’s still time till August begins, so we might just be able to catch up this month! On a side note, we’d like to remind you that you can support us via ko-fi (you can click the link on the right!) or via Patreon, where you get early access to the chapters, as well as some extras that don’t make it in our general releases. Pleade considering helping us buy the raws ๐Ÿ™‚
Enjoy the chapter!

Stage 67โ˜…Wish Upon a Comet

New blog!

Hi everyone! I decided to start a new, proper blog to share the updates on our projects.

Currently our release schedule is pretty irregular because of my job, but our top priority is still Saintia Sho. Next Dimension’s schedule is pretty much a “whenever I’m not tired to work on that” kind of project, but it’s still going and there’s a lot of will to complete that soon. I’ve also got into translating Kamen Rider/Super Sentai random things, so you can expect those here as well.

I take this chance to remind you that you can support us in several ways! We got a ko-fi page for donations that go straight to buying the magazines, a Patreon (with some perks for all the supporters!), and an Amazon wishlist (in case you want to get us something.) None of these are compulsory, but we’d appreciate if you decide to support us in any way.

We also have a Discord server (where we mostly fool around rather than talk about any of our projects, but you never know), as well as a Facebook page and a Tumblr for you to come in contact with us. You can also do so via the ko-fi page and Patreon, so share your thoughts with us!

I’ll add those links to this blog pretty soon, and I’ll be posting our latest releases in due time, so come back every now and then to check for our latest releases~