Want to support our releases? Read along!

Hello, everyone, I just thought of sharing another informative post regarding how to support our releases. Find out after the jump!

1. You may join the Patreon and get the chapters before the public release and WITHOUT watermarks! You also get access to cool extras every now and then (if I got time to scan them)! This applies for everything we release and you can support us for as little as $2 per released chapter. For that, you can click on this link: SKD Scans’ Patreon

2. You can do a one-time donation via our ko-fi page! The minimum is $4 I believe, but everything goes to buying the volumes and magazines for our releases. You can find the button to the right of the page, or following this link: SKD Scans’ Ko-Fi

3. You can purchase some of the stuffs we have on sale on tumblr! It’s mainly Kamen Rider/Super Sentai stuff, but there’s other things in there (just ask for availability!). We ship internationally, so we hope you take a look. You can look at the items available in here: Tumblr Sales Post

4. And finally, you can buy us stuff from our Amazon wishlist! You can either ship it directly from the page, or if it’s not available to our destination, you can ship it to us yourself (ask in our Discord for our P.O. Address!) . Of course, this is not compulsory, but I’d gladly take some of those Monogatari novels I have in there hehe Follow this link for that 🙂 Amazon Wishlist

Hope you can help us if it’s within your possibilities 🙂

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