OVER THE TOP – Kitadani Hiroshi (One Piece: Wano Kuni Arc – 1st opening theme song) English Translation

Just another random (and yet another, probably unnecessary) translation for OVER THE TOP.

For the most part I’m just adding things here and there as to make it consistent while revising some bits that might have been shortened due to the (absolutely stupid, but I guess the human brain ain’t that great) 70 character limit in subtitling. Anisongs aren’t that difficult if you know what the series is about, but I guess Funi’s got their hands full (tho I’m not sure with what that’d be).

Suggestions and whatnot are welcomed as usual.

Also, no, this is by no means adapted for singing, but there’s that one cover around that is apparently good? I dunno since I’m not too much into that, my actual job has killed my joy for that lol

 One Dream, One Wish
If you want to see it fulfilled
[Take] Over The Top
As you set towards an unknown world,
Overcome the rumbling wind and waves,
If you want to be the first one, you can only press on;
Leave your worries for later,
Since this race is all sink or swim.
If the opponents look daunting,
It’s a sign your heart is cowering.
But running away is not an option,
So take one step closer to them.
Calling you impertinent, isn't that a compliment?
Just laugh through these tough times.
If you want to go find the brand new tomorrow,
Refine your extraordinary confidence
Until the footsteps of your journey
Yes! Turn into the map itself.
It’s a new horizon, look how far you've come,
It’s dazzling and the difficulty has increased,
But by living your dream, stir up a hurricane and
Now! Shake up the rankings.
Always cutting the wind to get ahead of the rest
Set onto the radiant course,
Take even more challenging thrills
If you want to tremble with excitement;
Curl up the old history and throw it away,
There’s only talking about the future.
If you find yourself bored
That means you’re not serious enough about this.
What do they mean “it’s 100 year too early”!?
Who would wait that long anyway!?
If you’re surrounded by dangerous enemies
Start by shutting up the loudest guy.
And if you can no longer wait for the new tomorrow,
Boost the expectation, and make it burst with a bang
So all that energy stored within
Yes! Becomes your driving force.
It’s tough to simply wait for new surprises to come,
Rather chase after them, and increase your notoriety,
Attract all the attention, and like a hurricane
Now! Shoot up through the rankings.
One Dream, One Wish
What will you do so the dream doesn’t slip away?
One Dream, One Wish
The only way is to surpass each and everyone.
How far will you go? You better believe
more than anyone else that you can get there,
because after the tough story you've lived so far
Now! You’re all ready to set sail.

It’s a new horizon, look, for you, who has come so far,
It’s dazzling and the difficulty has increased,
But by living your dream, stir up a hurricane and
Now! Shake up the rankings.

One Dream, One Wish
So the dream doesn’t slip away… knock them all out and
[Take] Over the Top.

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